05 April 2017 - GCBA Breakfast Event in 56 Central @ 7.45am

Following on the success of the first Leaders' Breakfast in November 2016, the GCBA has organised another event which will take place on Wednesday 05 April 2017 @7.45am-10.00am.  The event will be held in 56 Central on Shop Street.  

The theme for the event is TOURISM.  The guest speakers will include Sinead Cassidy of Galway Races, Niamh Mannion of Failte Ireland and Sheena Dignam of Galway Food Tours.   A light breakfast will be provided. 

This is a great opportunity for representatives from the businesses in the city centre to meet one another and share their opinions on issues that are relevant to their businesses.  



GCBA Breakfast Event in 56 Central

A lovely morning in 56 Central!  Sinead Cassidy from Galway Races spoke about customer engagement and the importance of refreshing your brand.  Michael Moloney from Galway Races also spoke about the plans they have for a brand new stand.

Niamh Mannion from Failte Ireland spoke about the importance of staff in shops, restaurants and cafes being well informed about what is available in the city centre for the visitor.  

Sheena Dignam from Galway Food Tours spoke about the food tours that she offers for visitors to Galway.  She highlights local food producers and guides visitors in tasting local produce in cafes, shops and restaurants.